Dapper little dudes wear Colin’s Closet ties & bow ties

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Doesn’t this little blue-eyed fellow make you swoon? Yes, he’s adorabubble, but just look at the stylish threads he’s sporting, especially that tie. Here’s a store which is a preppy treat just for boys!

There’s almost nothing cuter than a little boy in a tie or bow tie. Trust me, I am qualified to say this – I’m a mum of three little boys and love nothing more than dressing them up as cute as can be. Okay, the eight-year-old is very resistant to looking cute but my younger two don’t mind a bit. In fact, my infant doesn’t have a say at all, which explains the bee suit in the cupboard.

colin's closet

Colin’s Closet makes ties and bow ties for little boys so that dapper outfit is polished to perfection. There are two sizes – small to fit 0-2 years and standard for 2-10 years – so it seems I may just rephrase the word cute to smart for my eight-year-old and invest in a tie for special occasions.

Ties are US$22 and bow ties are $20 from Colin’s Closet.

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