Chalk & Tees – DIY slogan tees for big and Little Mashers!


Unique gifts can be hard to come by and we love this fabulously fun (and sneakily practical) t-shirt option for the kid that seems to have everything!

Little Mashers have recently extended sizing in a few of their styles to accommodate ten to twelve-year-olds and we’re most excited that the Chalk & Tees chalkboard tees is one of them! So they can now be donned – and adorned – by just about every kid, from toddler all the way to tween. Chalkboard tees are carefully screen printed, providing the perfect space  for a DIY slogan tee or drawing written in the chalk provided.


You needn’t worry about chalk not being removable or the black ink cracking with washing, Little Mashers use quality materials and inks designed to withstand many a vigorous washing machine cycle. Chalk & Tees chalkboard tees from Little Mashers come packaged in a cool recycled cardboard pizza style box with a bag of chalk, ready for drawing on straight away by its recipient.

Chalk & Tees are available in a bounty of designs including the popular speech bubble and light bulb print and priced from £18 at Little Mashers.


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