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Babyology Sunday Arts

The colouring book smashing superhero stereotypes


If there’s anything that embodies gender stereotypes, it’s superheroes. The bold, brash, muscle-bound men with capes and underwear as outerwear. This brilliant project is bucking all sorts of preconceived heroic character conventions, under the guise of a free colour book.  Read More »

A Dog Day


When my children were little, our daily walk to the shops would take us by a small playground. Sometimes we stopped for a play but other days, when dinner was pressing or my baby needed a sleep, we didn’t. Regardless, my son would sit in the pram and pump his little legs with excitement when the playground came into view. And then, if we passed it by, he would lean out and strain to see it for as long as he could. I was reminded of this when I discovered a beautiful little story about a friendly dog and his love of the local park. Read More »

iPad fun for our youngest technology enthusiasts – Good Night Sleep Tight app

good night sleep tight app_3

Right or wrong, familiarity with technology is a given for our up-coming generation of kiddos and it is amazing just how early they start to pick it all up. It definitely brings peace of mind to parents to introduce our youngest ones to the interactive world of smart devices via something that is fun, safe and age appropriate. Read More »

Picture perfect: What it’s like to be a new mum


The first months of parenting can be many things. Joyful, sleep-deprived, fun, frustrating, chaotic, breathtaking, daunting… the list goes on. One new mum has drawn on her experiences – quite literally – in a hilarious new book about the trials and tribulations of being a first-time parent.

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Babyology Nutritional Bite – six super simple snacks and lunch box treats for little ones

Nutritional Bite Snack cover
Regardless of whether we have a toddler, preschooler or school aged child, we all want our kids to eat healthy. If you are on the hunt for some super simple snack ideas to have ready for when the kids get home from school or as a healthy morning tea in between craft time and outdoor play, then you (and your kids) are in for a treat.

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