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Babyology Sunday Arts

All the bits of the natural world in Nature Anatomy


My children have a natural curiosity about living things that pushes me to seek the best science books for kids and I recently discovered one that combines science with breathtakingly beautiful graphic design. Read More »

The world’s best short films for kids on show at Little Big Shots


Mini movie buffs will be keen as mustard to find out the line-up for this year’s Little Big Shots film festival. Gather the kids around, and read on to see what’s on offer. Read More »

Don’t Think About Purple Elephants – a picture book antidote for anxious kids

Don't Think About Purple Elephants-1

One of my sons is a worrier by nature. He stresses over things that seem trivial to others. I learnt long ago that it was completely pointless to say to him “Don’t worry about it!”. Of course, simply telling him to stop didn’t solve whatever he was worrying about and in fact only made him fret even more. Just like when someone says “Don’t think about purple elephants” and suddenly all that fills your mind is purple elephants… Read More »

Come meet children’s author David Walliams in Melbourne!



There are a handful of authors who have achieved the perfect balance with stories that are all at once funny, a bit naughty, and are underpinned with a deeper message. Roald Dahl did it and David Walliams is doing it now. Read More »

Art for Baby


No need to make iconic art for babies ‘simple’ – just publish it in a board book format. Read More »