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Gaston – it’s all about family

gaston kelly dipucchio 1 Gaston   its all about family

How do I choose books to review? Various ways – I keep my finger on the pulse with the latest from various publishers. I also have favourite authors and illustrators and follow what they’re up to, and sometimes it’s simply a case of spotting a book that immediately captures my eye. But I’m also influenced by my own children who, every so often, become attached to a story that I might have otherwise overlooked. Such is the case with this sweet little book about a family of dogs that’s my seven-year-old’s current favourite story. Read More »

Pass it on with Telephone

Telephone Mac Barnett 1 Pass it on with Telephone

Hey, this book is tops, pass it on… Read More »

Reading: The gift that gives back when you join Kids’ Book Club!

United Way FB Reading: The gift that gives back when you join Kids Book Club!

Giving the gift of reading is easy – there’s great joy to be had in watching your child enamoured by a book. And with Kids’ Book Club, you’re not only bestowing that gift on your own child, but also on kids in disadvantaged Australian communities. Here’s how you can make a difference by giving not only your child, but a child in someone else’s home, a great start in life. Read More »

Things that make me happy? This book.

100 Things That Make Me Happy Amy Schwartz 1 Things that make me happy? This book.

Things that make me happy: the colour yellow, swimming pools, the smell of baking bread, dewy mornings, pumpkin roasted until it’s caramel-burnt, fresh sheets, Mint Slices and an hour spent in a book shop. I could go on but the point is that sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the best. Read More »

Flip, flap, we’re going on safari

flip flap safari 1 Flip, flap, were going on safari

Although I have no memory for critical things (everything I learnt in year 12 chemistry, important birthdays, which days my kids have sport at school), I do have great capacity for recalling random details – such as all the books I’ve ever owned. I was recently reminded of a particular childhood book when I saw the latest from author and illustrator, Axel Scheffler.  Read More »