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Babyology Sunday Arts

First experiences with Maisy

maisy goes to the cinema lucy cousins 1 First experiences with Maisy

The first time I took my son to the cinema, aged three, he cried when the lights went down, shrieked when the advertisements came on (is it just me, or do they play the ads with the sound turned up to extra-loud?) and then, when the movie actually started, sat transfixed. Read More »

Find bunny love with Sew Your Own Loveable Rabbit kits

Artstitch Rabbit Kit 3 Find bunny love with Sew Your Own Loveable Rabbit kits

Here’s a super sweet post-Easter treat for older children – a sew your own rabbit kit. Read More »

The Dark – nothing to be afraid of

The Dark Lemony Snicket 1 The Dark   nothing to be afraid of

I’m in my forties and sometimes I’m still afraid of the dark – the midnight dash out to the rubbish bin or the alarming night-time screech of possums in the fruit trees by my desk window can still make me jump. On the other hand, I love gazing at the stars on a perfect summer’s night or a cold, dark sky just before dawn. Laszlo is a little boy who also knows the dark as both friend and foe. Read More »

The Incredible Book Eating Boy comes to life

The Incredible Book Eating Boy stage show 1 The Incredible Book Eating Boy comes to life

Oliver Jeffers has the rare talent for writing the most perfect children’s stories – filled with humour, the odd life lesson, and a touch of melancholy – as well as painting the most incredible illustrations to go with them. With all this superbness going on, it’s hardly surprising that bringing one of his best-loved stories to the stage was a challenging task! Read More »

Mums say the strangest things

My Mum Says the Strangest Things 2 Mums say the strangest things

I spent most of my childhood wondering what my Nanna meant when she said “Six of one….” and left it there. I now know that the saying is ‘Six of one, half a dozen of the other’, meaning that there is no difference between two things. But looking back, my Nanna seemed to say this all the time, leaving me constantly baffled – “Six of WHAT?!”, I was thinking!

Then there’s the situation where the literal meaning of something seems ludicrous. My sister-in-law collapsed into an armchair one afternoon and exclaimed “Phew! I haven’t sat down all day!” Her son, who was five at the time, looked concerned and said “But haven’t you been to the toilet yet?” Touche. Read More »