Sunday Arts

  1. 8 amazing Australian children’s books to celebrate Indigenous culture

    It’s no secret that I love a book prize – they’re an instant guide to ‘what should I read next?’. Perpetual book prizes are established to address specific criteria – books for certain age groups or genres, illustration, authors representing particular countries and so forth. Speech

  2. Mini Prep educational app for preschoolers

    Hitting the right note with educational apps for young kids is tricky. Sitting in one place for more than two beats of a flea’s heart goes against a three-year-old’s every instinct, so the app has to be fun and entertaining at the same that it’s

  3. A Curry for Murray

    When I’m trying to be helpful, I cook. In a crisis, I cook. Celebrating a happy occasion? I’ll cook. In fact, regardless of what’s happening, I’ll be thinking, “What can I cook?”