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Babyology Sunday Arts

What’s Inside? A book that gives children x-ray vision!


This book combines cool retro illustrations with a little bit of book magic – the kids will love it! Read More »

Let’s count the reasons we love Hugo


At first glance, the delightful pastel watercolour illustrations and the funny little story about a boy named Hugo, belie this book’s deeper and very important message. Which of course is why it’s such a fantastic book. Read More »

A new edition of an old favourite – Kusama’s ‘Alice’


Okay, I’ll admit it. I very often buy ‘kids books’ for myself. Case in point, a new edition of the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Read More »

Go to Sleep, Jessie!


When my three boys were younger, they all slept in the same bedroom – much to the amazement of many people we knew. Other parents would often ask if the baby woke the older boys during the night. It never happened. The baby would cry, I’d feed and change him, and the other two would sleep right through it. Of course the fun began early in the morning when the baby demanded entertainment, all from the comfort of his cot – the older boys were willing accomplices in the crack-of-dawn shenanigans. Read More »

This bear has had enough – say Goodnight Already!


Sometimes you’re desperate to go to sleep (okay, I’m always desperate to go to sleep). Sometimes there are little things that stop you getting to sleep (like toddlers). And you wonder how it is that your three-year-old had no energy to walk around the supermarket and yet at 9pm, is out of bed, ready to play? Read More »