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Babyology Sunday Arts

Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and His Singing Tiger… Again!


If you’re in Melbourne and need a school holiday laugh, we have the answer. There’s a handful of comedy acts that my family can’t get enough of and the good Dr Brown and his clever sidekick – a singing tiger that provides the narration for his madcap adventures – is one such act. Read More »

Sophie pops up with some new books for babies


Calling all French-giraffe fans (there’s actually quite a lot of you)! Read More »

Baby Pip Eats – 26 easy recipes for babies


I’m quite certain that in my next life I’ll be a food stylist. Or at least the person who looks at very lovely pictures of food… is that a job? Read More »

Oliver Jeffers’ crayons are coming home!


I think it’s fair to say that I’m not the only person eagerly awaiting more news from the world’s most famous and thoughtful crayons. In fact, kids and parents everywhere are busting to hear whether the red crayon gets work other than on holidays, whether the beige crayon is leading a more exciting life and whether blue has been given a break. Read More »

The Brick Man bringing his amazing Lego creations to Melbourne and Sydney!

SLM Lego shoot. 29/9/2014Picture James Horan

Five years ago, one man gave Aussie Lego lovers a whole new perspective on Lego. His brick creations were jaw-dropping, original, and the stuff of Lego dreams. In fact, this man built a career out of Lego and became the only Lego Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere (and one of only 12 worldwide). The man in question? Ryan McNaught. Better known as The Brick Man. Read More »