Sunday Arts

  1. Australian illustrator Freya Blackwood cleans up at children’s book awards

    A big Babyology congratulations to Freya Blackwood who has won awards in three separate categories for her illustrative talents. Come take a look at the winning books and find out how you can have a gorgeous Freya Blackwood print hanging in your nursery!

  2. Hey Hey, Let’s Play with Naomi Young

    Music for kids sits somewhere along the spectrum from CDs mum wants to “lose”, to tunes we’ll listen to even when the kids aren’t around. Of course children love music all along that spectrum, from the annoying to the sublime, but it’s about what parents can

  3. Willy Wonka – the musical

    After wishing really hard and crossing everything to make the wish come true, Matilda the Musical came to Australia. Now I’m channelling all my wishes for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The New Musical, to do the same.

  4. Kate M’s five favourite posts

    Picking five of my favourite posts from the past year is no easy task, a top twenty would have been easier. I’ve gathered together some fun family activities, great reads, arts and crafts, and some fun toys. Come take a look!