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This Christmas you need Snow

snow walter de la mare 7 This Christmas you need Snow

Of course, it’s ridiculous to associate the festive season with snow in Australia. And yet, so many Christmas traditions – from carols and decorations to the food we eat – are suited to a much chillier climate. You may be sweating over the roast turkey on Christmas Day but we have just the book to cool things down. Read More »

Quick! Help find Santa’s pants!

where are santas pants richard merritt 1 Quick! Help find Santas pants!

Quick! The hunt is on to find Santa’s pants before Christmas! Read More »

Babies Proms at Sydney Opera House presents The Little Drummer Boy

proms drummer boy Babies Proms at Sydney Opera House presents The Little Drummer Boy

Introduce your little ones to the magic of traditional Christmas carols with the latest Babies Proms event at Sydney Opera House- The Little Drummer Boy. Read More »

Little Dog and the Christmas Wish

little dog and the christmas wish 1 Little Dog and the Christmas Wish

I’m always a sucker for books and movies that depict my hometown (Melbourne) – there’s something appealing about seeing places and landmarks that you know well through an artist’s or writer’s eyes. Read More »

Gaston – it’s all about family

gaston kelly dipucchio 1 Gaston   its all about family

How do I choose books to review? Various ways – I keep my finger on the pulse with the latest from various publishers. I also have favourite authors and illustrators and follow what they’re up to, and sometimes it’s simply a case of spotting a book that immediately captures my eye. But I’m also influenced by my own children who, every so often, become attached to a story that I might have otherwise overlooked. Such is the case with this sweet little book about a family of dogs that’s my seven-year-old’s current favourite story. Read More »