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Babyology Sunday Arts

Scars and stripes: Celebrating women’s bodies after baby

Fourth Trimester Project

The “fourth trimester” – a time for babies to get to know life outside the womb, and for parents to get used to their new way of life. It’s also a time for mums to get acquainted with their “new” bodies – and let’s face it, those post-pregnancy bodies can take some getting used to.

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A sweet board book for pet lovers


It’s always pleasing when publishers turn popular picture books into board books. In recent years, there’s been no shortage of these new ‘classics’ available in a board book format, meaning that babies can chew on (I mean read) a wide range of stories. Read More »

Amazing photos show babies seconds after birth


About a third of babies are born by Caesarean section, but unless you’ve had one they can be a bit of a mystery. They’re rarely depicted in TV shows or movies and they don’t seem to be as widely (or thoroughly) shared as labour stories. And whichever way babies are born, it’s usually at least a few seconds before mum and dad get their first cuddle.

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A trio of friends find themselves On Sudden Hill


Despite what The Three Musketeers did for trios, the relationships between a group of three friends can be tricky to navigate, particularly if you’re a kid. Read More »

Long lost Dr Seuss book just discovered

Dr Seuss 2

Stop everything! There’s a ‘new’ Dr. Seuss book! Read More »