1. Baby boy shares same womb as mother in breakthrough birth linking three generations

    It’s a family bond as revolutionary as it is strong. A new mother is home in Sweden with her infant son after he was born from his grandmother’s donated womb – the same womb she was nurtured in for nine months.

  2. Etsy find of the day – Monsters Away bedtime spray

    Give monsters the flick at bedtime with this brilliant Monsters Away spray. Works on in-the-cupboard monsters, under-the-bed monsters, behind-the-curtains monsters and random, generic monsters too. Simply spray the calming eucalyptus and lavender oil blend in the room at bedtime and monsters will be gone, guaranteed!

  3. Bush kindergartens branching out across Australia

    Imagine a kindergarten without toys, art supplies or tools. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? This kinder is anything but. The classroom is the world itself, and the teacher is Mother Nature. Such beautiful preschools do exist, and they’re sprouting right across our backyard.