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From James to Jagger – celebrity gender bending baby names we love

ashton and mila1

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did it. But they weren’t the first. Unisex names have been popular for decades and more and more celebrities are getting on the gender bending bandwagon by choosing  traditional ‘boy names’ for their little girls.  Here are some of the celebrity gender bending baby names that we are absolutely loving for either a boy or girl.

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Yoga a mood-booster for pregnant women

yoga mum

We already know it soothes the body and mind, but here’s even more reason to pull on the yoga pants during pregnancy. Yoga may be a secret weapon when it comes to beating prenatal depression, a new study says.

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Does having your partner in the delivery room make labour more painful?


When it comes to labour and delivery, all mums want the experience to be as pain free and stress free as possible. A recent study suggests that having your partner in the delivery room with you can actually amplify the pain of childbirth. So would you consider kicking your partner out of the labour room?

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The truth about your body after babies

truth about bodies cover

One is a celebrity. Another is a mother of twins. The third is a marathon runner. All of these mums have an important message to share. And it’s time we listen up!

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Bonds announces 2015 Baby of the Year winners

Bonds winner covers

It’s the 100th anniversary of one of our favourite Aussie labels, Bonds and to kick off this milestone year, Bonds has just announced the winners of its 2015 Baby of the Year competition!

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