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Australia’s soaring caesarean rate cause for alarm


Australia now has one of the highest caesarean rates in the world. There are claims the skyrocketing numbers of caesareans is cause for concern, with unnecessary caesareans putting mothers and babies at risk. Read More »

Why do women still blame themselves for miscarriage?


A large number of women who suffer a miscarriage carry guilt, believing they are to blame for their pregnancy losses, it has been revealed. Read More »

Real children, real needs – grants aimed at helping children living in disadvantage

Real needs one - Copy

Australia is an amazing country to call home. Our citizens stand up for what is right, band together against threats and support one another in times of need. But there are still thousands of Australians living in poor conditions who need our help. And many of these Australians are children. Read More »

It’s a record, baby! Queensland mum gives birth to six kilogram infant


Imagine giving birth to a baby the size of a three-month-old. This is the equivalent to how much baby Jake McGuire weighed when he was born yesterday at Ipswich Hospital in Queensland, tipping the scales at 6.04 kilograms.

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Good food for the whole family – Jamie Oliver launches Family Food Tube channel


I still consider myself pretty new to this parenting game. One baby and almost one year in and I still don’t know what i’m doing half the time. Lucky for me, my little guy is a great eater but I know it’s my responsibility to ensure he eats a healthy variety of foods. It’s easy to get in a rut and serve up the same hommus on toast with veggie sticks day after day. Thankfully, Jamie Oliver has come to the rescue.

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