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Babyology Misc

Princecharles, Sadman and other outrageous baby names


We all want our children’s names to be unique, but most of us don’t stray too far from the mainstream. Unless you’re one of the new American parents who last year named your babies Legendary and Royaltee, that is. Here are some of the “less traditional” names that were bestowed upon new bundles of joy in the USA in 2014. Read More »

More amazing gifts for mums-to-be at the Babyology Sydney Baby Shower High Tea!


It’s just one month until our very lucky mums and mums-to-be get to indulge in the most lavish of baby showers at the InterContinental Sydney Double Bay – with Babyology playing host! Tickets are selling like hotcakes, so if you want to secure one of the remaining few, we have all the details, and we’re also revealing what will be in the amazing baby shower gift bags. Read More »

Real children, real needs – grants aimed at helping children living in disadvantage

Real needs one - Copy

Australia is an amazing country to call home. Our citizens stand up for what is right, band together against threats and support one another in times of need. But there are still thousands of Australians living in poor conditions who need our help. And many of these Australians are children. Read More »

Boy makes replica Titanic with 30,000 Lego bricks

Titanic One
It took 30,000 bricks and infinite dedication for one clever child to create this amazing replica of the Titanic out of Lego. Come and have a look at how he did it and how long it took to complete the task.

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The Superhero Project – super kids with special needs

The Superhero Project

When Renee Bergeron’s son Apollo was diagnosed with a rare heart defect she knew life for her precious boy was never going to be easy. But Apollo turned out to have the fighting spirit of a superhero and this inspired Renee to start a powerful photography project for special needs kids. Read More »