1. 5 terrible toddler tantrums (and how to tame them!)

    You know when it’s about to start. The foot stomp, the flushed face, the clenched fists … then boom, toddler meltdown. While tantrums can happen for a million weird and not-so-wonderful reasons, there are some typical scenarios that will bring out the worst in every

  2. 7 reasons your child isn’t sleepy

    Whoever coined the term “sleeping like a baby” may not ever have encountered an actual  baby, it must be said. Very, very often sleep seems like the last thing babies have on their adorable, tiny minds and it can drive their exhausted parents to distraction. Don’t worry,

  3. 6 positive habits to help you raise happy kids

    Children often remind us of the joy that can be found in the simple things but as parents we also influence whether or not they carry those values into adulthood. Which is why today, on the International Day of Happiness, we went to Ashley Manuel to seek his advice on

  4. Make a handprint Easter chicken craft

    Tiny hands are the perfect tool for creating this special craft for Easter. Little ones will delight in the finished product and this is one you will proudly display on your art board or fridge all year round.

  5. Make a rooster Easter egg basket

    Your little one will be beyond chuffed come Easter morning, when they can proudly collect their chocolate stash in their very own rooster Easter egg basket. Plus – it is a super fun activity to make with them on a rainy day before the Easter

  6. Make a paper plate Easter crown

    No matter how old your child is, if they are in childcare of any sort come Easter time, odds are on that you’re going to find yourself magicking up an Easter hat for the Easter bonnet parade that seems to be part of every curriculum.

  7. Make an Easter egg painting printable

    There’s nothing little kids love more than getting elbow-deep in a painting project. And here’s a really simple Easter craft that will give them plenty of painting time and you a pretty-as-a-picture Easter artwork you can hang up proudly.

  8. 5 last minute Easter hat parade ideas

    The Easter hat parade is a fun idea in theory, but when your child comes to you at 7pm the night before needing a hat, it’s suddenly not so fun anymore. If you have been caught on the hop this year, here are five ideas you


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