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Yoga a mood-booster for pregnant women

yoga mum

We already know it soothes the body and mind, but here’s even more reason to pull on the yoga pants during pregnancy. Yoga may be a secret weapon when it comes to beating prenatal depression, a new study says.

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Babyology review – our new panel of influencers try Metalicus


Babyologists, we’re introducing you to an exciting new section today, one where our new panel of bloggers put products and brands to the test to give you their honest opinions. We’re starting with some new-season key fashion pieces from Metalicus, an Australian label much loved by all sorts of mums. Garments may look fabulous on models, but how do they stack up on a pregnant belly, or when trying to breastfeed? Our feisty Babyology Influencers tell it like it is.

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The top Australian baby names in 2014

baby names

Some parents have known for years what they’ll call their baby; for others, it’s a dilemma resolved only after they meet their little person. Either way, it’s a huge decision. And while many parents are getting more imaginative with names, the vast majority seem to be sticking to trusty favourites. So what are Australians calling their babies right now? We’ve dug through the 2014 birth records to find out which names are the most popular in every state and territory.

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Heavily pregnant mum refused glass of wine at restaurant

wine in pregnancy

After almost nine months of being alcohol free, heavily pregnant Nichola Hayes was looking forward to one glass of sparkling wine to celebrate her wedding anniversary. But the reaction from a restaurant left her astounded and humiliated.

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