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Why you should talk to your unborn baby

talk to baby

We’ve known for a long time that a baby can feel its mother’s heartbeat and hear her words in the womb. So parents-to-be are often told to talk and sing to their bumps to improve bonding. But now it’s believed that hearing their mother’s voice in utero also helps a child’s language and hearing.

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Scars and stripes: Celebrating women’s bodies after baby

Fourth Trimester Project

The “fourth trimester” – a time for babies to get to know life outside the womb, and for parents to get used to their new way of life. It’s also a time for mums to get acquainted with their “new” bodies – and let’s face it, those post-pregnancy bodies can take some getting used to.

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Dads find out what pregnancy’s really like (it ain’t pretty)

dads balcony fb

They’re tired, emotional and getting sick of carrying around a huge full-term bump. Sound familiar? But these aren’t mums-to-be – they’re three dads who have decided to try pregnancy on for size.

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Rare birth gives unique look at life inside womb


Here’s a birth photo unlike any you’ve seen before. Baby Silas Johnson was born three months premature – and still inside the amniotic sac.

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Mum’s thrilling way to induce labour

thriller mum fb

You’ve probably heard of a multitude of ways to kickstart labour – raspberry leaf tea, curry, acupuncture, walking or maybe even getting between the sheets – but how about a vigorous dance routine?

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