Gadget makers have come up with something for every imaginable purpose. We’ve narrowed the selection down to just those things that are well-designed and useful (and stylish, of course).

Babyology Gadgets

Constructible Drinking Straw makes milkshakes loop-the-loop

Constructible Drinking Straw

If you have a little builder in your life, you know that when it comes to construction, anything is fair game. From the conventional – Lego – to the bizarre – towers of (clean) nappies – they will find a way to create the most astounding 3D structures.

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Bypass the potty – six steps to nappy freedom with Baby U’s toilet training aides

Baby U FB

Imagine a world where you never have to see, buy or change another nappy, a world where there are no nappies taking up space in your purse, no nappies hidden in the console of your car and no nappies on top of your grocery trolley. If that time has come to toilet train your little one, then step up to the challenge with our step-by-step guide to eliminating nappies from your life.

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Win one of two colour video Uniden baby monitors – Prizeapalooza day 25


Want to win a nifty new baby monitor from Uniden? Of course you do! Today’s Prizeapalooza is a high-tech cordless monitor system that even has night vision. It’s a prize that will keep bubs and parents sleeping soundly. Click through to find out how to win. Read More »

Win an odour-neutralising Munchkin nappy bin – Prizeapalooza day 21

CNP Brands Munchkin nappy bin

We all know that things can get rather potent around the change table, but this innovative nappy disposal system will have you breathing easy. Including refills, this prize pack is valued at $100 but today we are giving you the chance to win one for your nursery as part of our Prizeapalooza month. Read More »

Safety first in the kitchen – lock knives in with LockBlock


I’ve always been an advocate of kids in the kitchen, after all, all Masterchefs have to start somewhere, right? Having the under five brigade ‘helping’ you can sometimes be scary enough without them helping themselves to knife drawers or blocks. We’ve found the perfect solution for knife storage that saves both fingers and blades – the innovative LockBlock. Read More »