Gadget makers have come up with something for every imaginable purpose. We’ve narrowed the selection down to just those things that are well-designed and useful (and stylish, of course).

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Keep your iPad safe in kids’ hands with the Clumsy Case

clumsy case Keep your iPad safe in kids hands with the Clumsy Case

The iPad is a fact of life in an increasing number of households, and as far as technological advances go, I love it. But if it gets dropped on the floor, or out the sliding door of your car into a carpark (don’t ask me how I know this) – let’s be honest, they won’t just swap it for a new one. Money spent protecting your iPad from eager, yet clumsy, children is money well spent. Read More »

Win a Grolight night light – Prizeapalooza day 26

grolight prizeapalooza Win a Grolight night light   Prizeapalooza day 26

Welcome to day 26 of our Prizeapalooza where today’s prize will have you seeing the (adjustable) light! Read More »

Our 10 best Etsy finds for spoiling dad on Father’s Day 2014!

fathers day etsy 7 Our 10 best Etsy finds for spoiling dad on Fathers Day 2014!

Father’s Day is coming up and we’ve trawled Etsy to find a heap of amazing and unique gifts to treat Dad this Father’s Day. There’s something for every dad, from hipster types through to geeks and regular Joes, whether it’s his first Father’s Day or whether he has a few special Sundays under his belt already. Come and take a look.

Read More »

17 awesome Father’s Day 2014 gift ideas

Fathers day DIY gift wrap web 17 awesome Fathers Day 2014 gift ideas

I say it every year, but this year I really mean it – I will organise an awesome present for my husband and absolutely will not make a mad last-minute dash for a packet of chocolate bullets and black socks. And with that goal in mind Babyologists, I bring to you our 2014 Father’s Day gift guide – and there’s not a boring sock in sight! Read More »

Top five posts in July

babytubes Top five posts in July

A remarkable story about the kindness of strangers, an ingenious way to store kids’ stuff and the most-searched baby names so far this year were among the most-clicked Babyology posts in July. Click through to find out what else had you reading, commenting and sharing. Read More »