1. The ultimate choc-chip muffin recipe

    Anyone who loves a glorious, fudgey, chocolate chip laden chocolate muffin is going to want to stop by and visit this recipe. Reminiscent of a store bought treat, these chocolate chip muffins will soon be your go-to recipe for sweet treats.

  2. Baked macaroni cheese recipe

    This my friends, is kids’ comfort food at its best. There’s not a skerrick of greenery or vegetable to be seen so it’s bound to be wolfed down without question. Rich in cheese, dairy and carbolicious pasta, it goes without saying this recipe isn’t the

  3. Best ever triple chocolate biscuit recipe

    My sister-in-law is the queen of edible gifts. One of my all time favourite gifts from her kitchen is her triple choc biscuits. A gift standard biscuit if ever there was one, these biscuits are superb in their chocolate flavour and fudge like centres. A


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