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Babyology Nutritional Bite – the hidden truth behind sugar and your skin


What causes us to age? Sun damage? Yes. Smoking? Most definitely. Alcohol? So I’ve been told. But what about bread, fruit, yoghurt, muesli and even pasta? We have asked our expert nutritionist to help us uncover the secret to ageing gracefully – can it really be as simple as reducing our sugar intake? Come and take a look.

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Mothers Day 2015 – gifts for new mums


Congratulations new mummies, the day you have been waiting for is just around the corner. To make sure it lives up to all your expectations and more, we have a fantastic gift guide that your significant other just might need to see. Scroll down to see what takes your fancy then share it with your partner. Read More »

Concerned about your family’s diet? Ask an expert nutritionist during our Babyology live chat session

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Confused about all the health jargon around food labeling? What does it all mean for your family? We are breaking down these barriers for all Babyology readers – join our exclusive Facebook live chat session with nutritionist Anne-Marie Mackintosh and receive advice and reassurance on selecting the right foods based on your family’s specific needs.

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Etsy find of the day – reusable fox snack pouch


Take snacks wherever you go in this reusable food bag with cute fox design. $8 from Maxwell Designs.

Babyology Nutritional Bite – how too much sugar can affect your kids

Nutritional Bite1

Kids can be moody. One minute they are happily playing; the next they are slamming the doors or tantruming on the floor. But is this reaction out of the ordinary? More importantly, is this something that can be prevented by our food choices? The answer to all of these questions could, surprisingly, be ‘yes.’

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