Have a look around this section for unique products for hungry kids. Whether you’re looking for breastfeeding accessories, BPA free bottles or adorable utensils, we guarantee there will be something here that will make you smile.

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Baby Pip Eats – 26 easy recipes for babies


I’m quite certain that in my next life I’ll be a food stylist. Or at least the person who looks at very lovely pictures of food… is that a job? Read More »

Etsy find of the day – bunny bib


Stop all that Easter chocolate staining their clothes next weekend with this bright, bold bamboo bunny bib. $14 from Bugsey Bee.

How breastfeeding can get kids a better salary later in life

breastfeeding-higher IQ

The health benefits of breastfeeding are well known. But what if we told you it also leads to higher intelligence and bigger pay packets when baby becomes an adult?

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Stunning rocking chairs for the nursery from Hobbe


Over the past couple of years, I’ve spent more time rocking away the midnight hours than I care to remember. And just when I thought my rocking chair days were numbered, I’ve found out that it will be back in action with a new baby for a third (and final!) time. Read More »

And the “epic school lunches award” goes to this lunch box dad


These are quite possibly the most amazing bento lunch boxes we’ve ever seen. Check out the American dad who is slicing up some seriously smashing lunches based on his children’s favourite characters.

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