Have a look around this section for unique products for hungry kids. Whether you’re looking for breastfeeding accessories, BPA free bottles or adorable utensils, we guarantee there will be something here that will make you smile.

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It’s the non-spill Wow Cup for kids from Nice Pak!


Welcome to the future folks – we’re introducing you to a  kids’ drinking cup that automatically seals itself to prevent spillage. It’s a very clever design, that will spell the end to that age-old problem of spilled drinks. Prepare to have your minds blown! Read More »

Are we wrong about BPA-free?

bpa v bps

For a long time we’ve known of the dangers of BPA, once commonly found in bottles, containers, lunchboxes and other plastic items. By and large it’s been replaced with a substitute called BPS – but now research has also cast doubt on its safety.

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PhillUp – the world’s first hangable kids’ cup


I can hear parents across the globe letting out a collective sigh as they lay eyes on this cup. Simple it may be, but it saves so much washing up. An end to the dirty cup pile-up – hallelujah! By the way, this cup also helps foster independence in children – but we thought the less washing part was of utmost importance. Come and see where you can grab one… or ten… Read More »

The cool 3D printables that let kids play with their food


As parents we often tell our children not to play with their food – but here’s an idea that’s set to turn that on its (Mr Potato) head.  Read More »

Kiinde launches the Kozii Breastmilk Warmer


A Babyology favourite brand has released its latest gadget, which is set to slot very nicely into its brilliant breastfeeding collection, storage and feeding system. Read More »