Have a look around this section for unique products for hungry kids. Whether you’re looking for breastfeeding accessories, BPA free bottles or adorable utensils, we guarantee there will be something here that will make you smile.

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Win a mega mealtime pack from Toosh Coosh – Prizeapalooza day 25


Mealtimes with kids are never easy. There is the inevitable fussy eating stage, the complaining about food stage, the arguments about how many more bites are acceptable and, of course, the spills and mess. Today’s Prizeapalooza prize may just solve some of these mealtime issues. Read More »

Etsy find of the day – Game of Thrones bib


Team Lannister, Team Stark or Team Khaleesi, your baby is too young to care a bit. But at least they’ll look the part in this hip Game of Thrones bib. $13 from The Tiny Ox.

What’s that lurking in the soup? It’s just a Nessie Ladle!


When is a soup ladle not a soup ladle? When it’s the Loch Ness Monster, of course! Read More »

The berry health scare and safe Australian made snacks for kids – what parents need to know

toddler snack

The frozen berries health scare has sparked alarm across Australia, but it’s also shining a very bright light on confusing food labels and where our food comes from. Read on to find out more about the berry recall, who is at risk and – for parental peace of mind  – a list of made in Australia snacks and foods to feed your children.

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Video: Kids taste-test breakfasts from around the world

American boy tries Brazilian coffee

The world’s getting smaller and that has brought a whole range of international cuisines to our fingertips. But while our lunches and dinners may be taking on a more exotic flavour, we seem to be steadfastly sticking to old favourites for one meal – breakfast. Our kids still grow up on Corn Flakes and toast. But what happens if they venture outside the comfort zone? Take a look.

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