Today’s dads are just as interested in terrific, well-designed products as mums. Here you’ll find our selection of hand-picked items for funky dads everywhere.

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Dads find out what pregnancy’s really like (it ain’t pretty)

dads balcony fb

They’re tired, emotional and getting sick of carrying around a huge full-term bump. Sound familiar? But these aren’t mums-to-be – they’re three dads who have decided to try pregnancy on for size.

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Dad makes daughter’s first date truly magical

daddy date

Can you remember your first date? Were you excited, happy, nervous, was it memorable or miserable? One little girl has had a first date she’ll never forget – all thanks to her very sweet dad.

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Tearjerker ads tug on parents’ heartstrings


It’s not often I can sit the whole way through an ad without flicking the channel. This week, I’ve seen several that I not only watched in full, but have replayed over and over again.

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Valentine’s Day 2015 – a gift guide for the whole family!


If your heart’s filled with love but your mind is blank on what to gift your big and little darlings this Valentine’s Day, this post is for you. We’ve scoured the internet for all manner of sweet things that will make the heart flutter with the warmest of fuzzies. So if you want sweet without resorting to chocolates and heart shaped candy, do click on through! Read More »

Find your inner geek with the Space Invaders Alien Crab Cushion


Fellow children of the late 70s and 80s will adore these as much as I do – time to have your space invaded by these retro cushions. Read More »