1. Dads helping other dads grieve for lost babies

    When Wayne Faulkner’s then-wife suffered two miscarriages, he felt it deeply. But back in the 1980s, he says, there was little grief support for men. So now, he’s committed to helping other men find their way through pregnancy loss.

  2. Study shows men are happier when mums stay at home

    We’ve come a long way since the 1950s. Bit by bit, women are breaking down the gender barriers in workplaces, and it’s widely accepted that mums can and do work – whether by choice or necessity. But it seems not everyone’s overjoyed about it – and

  3. The day author Oliver Jeffers became a dad

    We don’t like to play favourites here at Babyology, but we make one exception – the unparalleled children’s author/artist/illustrator/genius that is Oliver Jeffers takes the cake when it comes to our most favourite people. And now he’s gone and had a gorgeous baby, and we’re

  4. Etsy find of the day – dad messenger nappy bag

    This messenger bag makes just about the perfect nappy bag for dads who need to tote kids around the traps. Outside pockets hold nappies and wipes and there’s plenty of room inside for spare clothes, bottles and snacks. $61 from Medium Control.