1. Dad’s funny parody: Shut up and go to sleep

    Where there’s a catchy pop tune, a funny parental parody will inevitably follow. And in that grand tradition comes this hilarious new video from a dad about every parent’s favourite topic – sleep. Sweet, elusive sleep. Or more precisely, why don’t kids love it as

  2. 6 ways for dads to work up a sweat with kids

    Parenting can be a tough gig when it comes to finding time for the ‘e’ word – exercise. Who told you it was meant to be easy? I found that integrating a workout into my kids’ daily routine is easier than scheduling time for the

  3. Dads, not kids, hold mums’ careers back

    It’s arguably the greatest modern dilemma for mums – can you keep climbing the career ladder while raising a family? Well, a new study reveals there is someone women holding back from pursuing their work dreams – but it’s not the kids.

  4. See, dads can do their daughter’s hair

    As a dad with two daughters nothing strikes fear into my heart more than the phrase, ‘Daddy can you do my hair please.’ And I consider myself handy. Change a nappy, no worries. Bit of DIY round the house, no problem. But there is something