Articles by Penny Flanagan

  1. Make spooky pipe cleaner spiders

    Halloween is never complete without a little bit of spidery craft action. And these spiders are especially good because a) they’re really simple to make, and b) they involve using lollipops, which makes them perfect when little trick-or-treaters come knocking on the door!

  2. Make woolly spiderwebs for Halloween

    No matter how hard you want to go with Halloween decorations this year, you always need a spiderweb or three to give your place a bit of spooky atmosphere. And this simple weaving project that even very young children will be able to master is

  3. 11 signs you are parenting a sassy child

    “Sassy,” “headstrong,” “spirited,” and a “born leader,” these are all euphemisms people may use when describing a child who basically does not know their place in the family ecosystem. Also known as “rude,” “obnoxious,” and “recalcitrant” they can often leave you wondering who gave life

  4. 11 signs you have become an OCD parent

    When you become a parent one thing becomes abundantly clear and it’s not the fact that you are now overwhelmed by an all-consuming love for someone you only just met. It’s that you now have absolutely no control over anything in your life. This small

  5. What having a baby will REALLY cost you

    Some people love putting a ‘dollars and cents’ cost on having kids. The media especially, likes to annually tally up what our kids’ most basic needs are costing us and then shock us with it in graphs and charts. It’s almost as if they’re hoping


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