Articles by Penny Flanagan

  1. 5 last minute Easter hat parade ideas

    The Easter hat parade is a fun idea in theory, but when your child comes to you at 7pm the night before needing a hat, it’s suddenly not so fun anymore. If you have been caught on the hop this year, here are five ideas you

  2. Make an easy egg carton Easter basket

    There’s no way your kids can contemplate an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday without a lovely basket in their hands. Here’s an Easter basket craft you can make at home that’s both easy to make AND provides a perfect egg storage solution after the

  3. First baby versus third baby truths

    There’s something very special about first babies and as parents we tend to over-achieve with our vigilant devotion to the first-born’s every need. Then you have a second child, the reality of parenting sets in and things start to slide a little.

  4. 11 things I miss about parenting small children

    It’s easy to be stupidly nostalgic about toddlers once your kids are grown, but as my children move into teen-hood I find myself wistfully eyeing off those harried young mums herding toddlers. Worse still, I find myself wanting to say that MOST ANNOYING of sentences:

  5. 10 commandments for all new dads to live by

    Religious or not, you cannot deny that the 10 Commandments are a great idea: a definitive list of rules chiseled into stone to let us all know where the boundaries of reasonable behaviour lie. Well, here’s the thing: having a baby can really turn the


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