Articles by Penny Flanagan

  1. 7 ways you are doing parenting absolutely right

    Modern day expectations around the simple act of parenting have peaked into the red. Social media, digital media, the press, light entertainment news panel shows; never has there been so much ‘advice’ about what you should and shouldn’t be doing as a parent.

  2. 7 parenting mistakes you NEED to make

    When you have your first baby you will make all of the mistakes. These mistakes are necessary steps in your journey toward what I like to call, ‘Parenthood Consciousness’. Parenthood Consciousness is a little bit like Christ Consciousness: you come to the transcendental realisation that

  3. Make sparkly silver snowflakes

    Here in Australia we won’t be seeing any natural snowflakes this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some to decorate your place! The sparkly pipe cleaner hangers mean you can hang them from the tree, or from any other surface that needs a


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