Articles by Katrina Whelen

  1. HeyWow! That’s you in a book!

    Ten years ago, ‘personalised’ books for children were mass-produced affairs – yes, that sounds like a contradiction in terms but the ‘personalising’ of the story amounted to your child’s name, their birthday, and perhaps the names of a few friends, dropped into the text. But

  2. The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade

    The perfect picture book is a precise blend of perfect text, perfect illustrations and, the sometimes overlooked ingredient, perfect production. When these elements combine exactly as they should, the result is a book that you want to hold, that you want to read over and

  3. Strewth, that’s big!

    When I was growing up (in the seventies and eighties) my family did lots of road trips, including a number of trips from Melbourne to Queensland. Yes, the picturesque beaches and warm tropical waters were lovely. Yes, the rainforests were impressive. But the highlight of


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