Articles by Karina Lane

  1. 7 toilet training realities no one prepares you for

    Toilet training your toddler is a massive milestone, and it’s usually one we look forward to, at least the first time around. By the time you get to this stage, you’ve probably changed a gazillion nappies and are ready for the big kid pants and the

  2. 7 very good reasons to go to antenatal classes

    If you’ve been wondering about whether to go to antenatal classes before bub arrives, there are plenty of very good reasons to give a class or two a try. Apart from informing and equipping you with the knowledge and skills that will get you off

  3. Oh crap! 7 ways to deal with a sweary toddler

    The first time your toddler swears can be a bit of a shock, but rest assured it’s a normal part of young children developing and exploring language, despite how embarrassing it can be if  it happens in public, or is directed at strangers. 


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