Articles by Catherine Wilson

  1. Engle buntings for every party occasion

    I’m currently in bunting hell. Some time ago I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to make my daughter pretty party bunting for her upcoming first birthday. A few weeks in and several trips to Spotlight later, it’s in a zillion pieces on my

  2. Hot shoes from ChilliKids

    While shopping for my daughter recently, I embarked on a mission for the perfect pair of shoes. Oh sure, pretty children’s shoes are everywhere and I won’t pretend I didn’t stock up on lots of gorgeous party shoes. No, my mission was to find a

  3. Sippy Cup Cleaners

    Lately I’ve been staring at my daughter’s new sippy cup (she’s just advanced to the sippy level) and wondering how the hell I’m meant to clean the straw. After peering at it for a while, I decided to throw the whole thing out in a

  4. BPA-free baby bottles for safer feeding

    Long before I was pregnant, I stockpiled baby bottles and sippy cups  for use when I did indeed have a baby of my own. But then something happened. BPA (the chemical Bisphenol A) in baby bottles hit the news in a big way and instead


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