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    Daddy’s little girl – David Beckham says he’s tougher on his sons than his daughter

    He may be one of the strongest dads on the planet, but it’s clear that David Beckham has an extremely adorable soft spot for his four-year-old daughter, Harper. In his latest interview, the star admits something many parents can relate to – as much as

  2. Taking big steps to help Australia’s tiny hearts

    Eight babies are born in Australia every day with childhood heart disease. It’s the biggest cause of death and hospitalisation in children less than 12 months of age. But rather than feeling helpless, we can take some big steps in helping to change the statistics

  3. Etsy find of the day – Sonny Angel wings dress

    No longer does your child’s Sonny Angel have to bare all – a tiny dress with angel wings can make it look cuter than ever before. These dainty little cotton dresses can be specially made in your choice of colours to match or clash with your angel’s headwear.

  4. Kids love Grandma Loves Bugs app

    This quirky grandma with a taste for adventure takes kids into the world of creepy crawlies and scuttling bugs. Grandma Loves Bugs is a diverse collection of games that can help your preschooler hit those learning milestones while having fun and getting creative. Come meet