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  1. # lego facts

    Eight amazing Lego facts to really impress your kids

    Psst… hey parents. We’ve got the perfect dinner conversation to showcase just how awesome you are to your kids – and it’s all about Lego. Impress children of all ages with these fascinating facts about everyone’s favourite colourful bricks. We even have a video of

  2. Children share their favourite comfort objects

    Many of us would assume that the current generation of children adore their tablets and electronic gadgets to the point of obsession. But when it comes to real comfort, an iPad really isn’t all that huggable. That’s where comfort objects come in – blankies, teddies, dolls.

  3. A truly epic designer treehouse

    Do you love an old-school treehouse – a couple of planks of wood attached to a sturdy branch or two, with a tarp thrown over for good measure? Well, we’re about to blow your minds – because apparently this is what a modern day treehouse looks like.